Bully Blue Pitbulls Puppies For sale
Bully Blue Pitbulls Puppies For sale
Bully Blue Pitbulls Puppies For sale
Bully Blue Pitbulls Puppies For sale
Bully Blue Pitbulls Puppies For sale
Bully Blue Pitbulls Puppies For sale
Bully Blue Pitbulls Puppies For sale
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When my fiancée and I wanted a pit bully puppy, we didn’t know where to look.  We started looking in Jacksonville, FL, but the breeders never returned our emails or phone calls, so we were pretty discouraged.  I decided to do another Google search out of the blue one day for breeders in Pensacola, FL…not thinking that I would really find anything.  And there, to my disbelief, was Select Bullies!  I was hopeful, so I contacted the breeder by phone…and they answered!  We worked with Casey, who sent pictures and patiently answered our constant questions, and we are now the proud owners of a beautiful blue pit bully!  Not only is Pensacola fortunate enough to have a pit bully breeder, but this breeder is professional and delivers great puppies!  It’s not often I write testimonials, but my fiancée and I are so pleased that I took the time to write one.  So, look no further if you want a beautiful puppy…simply contact Select Bullies! 

 Jillian, Brandon, and Spartacus Davis


Hey, I'm Willie Stribling from Las Vegas, Navada. I got one of Select
Bullie's puppies. I was so satisfied on how the puppy looked. I mean I
was so glad and proud of the new puppy. I got another one. That's
right two puppis. These dogs are so well put together, from there big
block head size, great bone structure, too there muscle mass. Tall or
small SelectBullies have the dog for you. SelectBullie's staff made me
feel at home. With there service and care that they take in there
dogs. Also helping you with any questions you may have about your new pet.
They will ship you your new puppie all over the U.S. SelectBullies
has some of the best quality of American Blue Nose Pitbull Terrior
Bullys around. These dogs have great temperment and easy to house train.

Willie Stribling


Me and my girlfriend were looking for a bully pit bull on the Internet, when we came across select bullies, after contacting them and talking to them I knew right away this gorgeous boy we named Hercules was the pup for us. So we decided to take a 6 hour drive each way to pick him up. And we couldn't be happier. The picture of 4 month old Hercules speaks for itself, but what you don't see is how great he is with kids, other dogs, and how well he listens. He is extremely loving and everything I could ask for In a dog.

Justin and Michelle



I did reasearch and shopped around for 6 months for the right dog. When I came across Select Bullies I knew That I found the right place. From the very beginning they were extremely patient and helpful with me about all the questions I had.They have a large variety of quality Bullies to choose from and a excellent facility. They are definitely not a shady backyard breeder.

     I feel like I bought the perfect pup from them. He has far exceeded my expectations. He is a beautiful silver blue male. At the moment he is 8 months old and pushing a lean 70 lbs. I can't wait to see him when he fills out. He has a wonderful personality and is my children's best playmate. He reminds me of Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh. His nickname is Fat Jesus. Lol
     If you are looking for a Bully then Select Bullies is Definitely the place to go!

Stephen S.


My name is Angelo and I live in Sicily (Italy) and was looking for a very good example of a pit bull with good muscle and a large head and deep look. I contacted many breeders but fate made ​​me choose Selectbullies and despite the distance I got a beautiful dog. Selectbullies and 'is a guarantee for the quality' of dogs and also in other continents and shipments for this and 'good to put confidence in them because' they are really professionals. Thanks so much for Raul is amazing !!!!!


I was lookin for a pitbull for about 7 months and I found Selectbullies n they helped me out alot, I would purchase another one, they help and work with you for the whole process.

David O.

Photos of Bully Bllue Pit Bulls


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Blue Pitbulls Puppies For sale
Blue Pitbulls Puppies For sale
Blue Pitbulls Puppies For sale



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Selectbullies breeds blue pitbulls and has blue pitbull puppies for sale. We bring to you the best bully blue pitbulls for sale that you can find world-wide.  Make sure before you purchase your blue nose pitbull puppy that you educate yourself about the breed. If you have any questions about our pitbulls for sale dont hesitate to give us a call about our blue pit bull puppies for sale. Selectbullies is based out of Florida and New York. We are close to all the surrounding states florida alabama georgia mississippi lousiana tennessee north carolina south carolina virginia new york new jersey vermont pennsylvania maryland connecticut delaware.
We also can ship seman from any of our pitbull studs anywhere in the United States. Our goal is to produce the best bully blue pitbulls for sale also know as the American Bully. We will have bully blue nose pitbull puppies for sale throughout the year and if you dont see the blue pitbull for sale you like on the current site give us a call and make sure to ask about anything upcoming we have that isnt on the site yet.

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