Bully Blue Pitbulls Puppies For sale
Bully Blue Pitbulls Puppies For sale
Bully Blue Pitbulls Puppies For sale
Bully Blue Pitbulls Puppies For sale
Bully Blue Pitbulls Puppies For sale
Bully Blue Pitbulls Puppies For sale
Bully Blue Pitbulls Puppies For sale
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If you have questions about these dogs or anything dog related, feel free to check this page to see if the question is already answered on here and if its not, please email us the question for us to answer. selectbullies@hotmail.com Please note that all information provided is based on personal experience and the opinions of Select Bullies.

Joseph From Alabama writes-

How does the whole puppy "picking" process work?

Joseph, you have 3rd pick female reserved, so lets say that theres 4 females in the litter. Once the pups are 6 weeks old, we will put different color collars or yarn around the puppies neck and take group and indiviual pictures of the females. Who ever has first pick will then get all the pictures and pick out the puppy they decide they want. So lets say they want the red collar female, I will then contact the person with 2nd pick female and send them the photos and let them know that the red collar puppy is not available due to the person with 1st pick choosing her. Once 2nd pick chooses the right female for them, I would then contact you and inform you of what 2 dogs are left and you would get to choose from the 2 female puppies that are left.



Tony from New York writes-
At what age do you guys recommend that I get my new puppy's ears cut?
Tony, this is a question that we have received multiply times here at Select Bullies.  Their are many different theories on this topic.  We have been professional breeders for years and have had numerous pitbulls get their ears cut or "cropped".  The most important thing when deciding to get your puppy's ears cropped is to find a Licensed Veterinarian.  Make sure to ask around and find a Veterinarian that has a lot of experience cropping ears.  Talk to your veterinarian and ask them what age they recommend for this procedure.  As always follow your veterinarians advice and this is just our opinion, not fact.  One theory is to get them cropped at a very young age, around 8 to 10 weeks.  Veterinarians and breeders that support this theory think that it is less painful for the puppy when the cropping is performed at such a young age.  The cartilage and nerves in the ear have not yet had a chance to develop, which in turn makes it less painful for the puppy.  We have seen two problems that occur when ear cropping has been done at such a young age.  The first is the puppy is very young and extremely sensitive to anesthesia.  In other words there is a greater chance that the puppy could have life threatening problems during the process.  We also have had issues with the ears wanting to stand on their own at this young age.  In our opinion the best age to get a puppy's ears cropped is between 14-18 weeks.  During this time the puppy is not as sensitive to anesthesia as it would have been at 8-10 weeks.  This will greatly improve the rate of survival from the surgery.  It also allows the cartilage to be just a tad thicker, which in turn will allow the ears to stand on their own.  We have rarely had to tape the ears up, when they are cropped at this age.  They seem to want to stand naturally.

Alberto from New Mexico writes-
What is the best brand of dog food for my blue pitbull puppy?
Alberto, we will not recommend a single brand of dog food, but we will be happy to give you some advice. The main misconception that we see at Select Bullies is that dog food makes a dog. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reason our dogs look the way they do is because of genetics, not dog food. Select Bullies does not just put two dogs together and hope for the best. We have studied genetics and apply these concepts when planning a breeding.
Alberto, we still take nutrition very seriously at Select Bullies, but we are just trying to make you aware that genetics also plays a role. It is still very important for your blue pitbull to get the proper nutrition for optimum growth and development. Select Bullies has been raising blue pitbull terriers for years and have tried many different feeding regimens. We recommend that puppies stay on a quality puppy food from the time they are weaned to around 16-20 weeks. Puppy food will provide more protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and DHA, which is very important during this stage of development. Once a puppy reaches 20 weeks we recommend switching them to an adult food. A Select Bullies pitbull grows until they are 3 years old, but we want the dog to grow slow. The puppy should remain lean and not get overfeed during this growth phase. Remember that a chunky overweight puppy is not a healthy puppy. The reason that we suggest an adult food after 20 weeks is to avoid too much protein, calcium, and phosphorus. When these are feed in excess to large breed canines it can lead to immune system disorders, bone disease, skin issues, and numerous other health issues.
Here are some tips for finding a quality puppy or adult dog food.
1. Use a name brand.
2. Look at the guaranteed analysis on the bag.
3. The first ingredient should be a protein source of some kind.
4. If the second ingredient is protein then that is great, but not a must.
5. Try to avoid to many grains.
6. We like to use a feed that has around 26% protein and 18% fat.
The most important thing to remember from this is that the size of your dog at adulthood, is not determined by the amount of food that you feed them as a puppy. A dogs potential relies heavily on its genetic makeup.



Mark from Arizona writes-
I would like to breed to Deville on the males pages. Can you give me some information on how the whole process works?
Mark, thank you for your interest in Deville. He is one of the most impressive blue pocket pitbulls that we have seen. The first thing that we ask is that you send us pictures from all different angles or a video of your female. We also need a copy of her pedigree. The reason for this is so we can help you match your female pitbull up to the right male. The dogs must compliment each other in looks and pedigree in order for us to do the breeding. We only breed to select females at Select Bullies.
Once we both have agreed on the right stud for your female, we ask for payment. Deville’s stud fee is $2500.00 upfront or $1500.00 and the pick puppy overall. The next step would be for you to decide if you want chilled semen sent to your veterinarian. The advantage of chilled semen is that your female does not have to travel. Traveling can stress out a female and make her have a tricky heat cycle. We have even seen some females come out of heat, due to the stress of traveling. Select Bullies ships chilled semen world-wide. The other option would be that you get your female to us. We have access to both air and ground shippers if you choose to go this route. While your female is with us you can trust that she will be very well taken care of. We are professional breeders of blue pitbull terriers and take pride in that. Please go to
www.selectbullies.com and see our facilities page to see where your bully will be staying.
Once again thanks for your interest in Select Bullies and we look forward to helping you produce some of the best blue pitbull terriers on the planet.


Ryan from Florida writes-
Do your blue pitbull puppies come with papers?
Ryan, all of our pitbulls are registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC). Select Bullies does not own, breed, or sell unregistered dogs. Every puppy that is sold by us, comes with an “Application for Permanent Registration” from the UKC. This is a just a form that we give to you that proofs your puppy comes from a UKC registered litter. Select Bullies will give you this form as soon as your puppy is paid for.
The “Application for Permanent Registration” must be filled out by you and mailed in to the UKC. This is a very simple process. All you need to do is fill out your name, the dogs name, your address, your phone number, and check the box for what generation of pedigree you want. The options are three, four, six or seven generation pedigrees.
The UKC will process this form and give your new puppy a unique number to identify it. This number will be used to keep track of show points, offspring, and competition points from training events. It is very important for you to get that form mailed in as soon as possible so your dog can start getting tracked.
The are a few reasons that we register with the United Kennel Club (UKC) as our main registry. The UKC has been in business for over 100 years and is very well organized, strict, and respected. A UKC dog can be registered with many other registries if you so choose. Some examples are the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) or American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA). Both of these registries except blue pitbulls from the UKC, but the UKC does not return the favor. You cannot take a ADBA registered dog and get it registered with the UKC.


John from Arkansas writes-
When should I start to socialize my blue pitbull puppy.
John, thank you for your interest in Select Bullies. Socializing your puppy is very important and starts at a young age. Most people are not aware that the actual socialization process can start as early as 4 weeks of age. This early age is when your puppy starts to develop mentally and behaviors begin to form. This behaviors can be good and bad and must be rewarded or corrected. Professional breeders are aware of this and that is why they begin to socialize their puppies at this age.
A Select Bullies pitbull puppy will have started the socialization process around 4 weeks of age. It is your responsibility as the new owner to continue the process. We will help you and explain how to continue the socialization process with your puppy. This is an ongoing process starting at 4 weeks and must be continued throughout the life of the dog.
Well bred pitbull puppies are naturally very curious and confident. Pitbulls should be introduced to as many different sights, sounds, and situations as humanly possible. Massive exposure as a puppy, leads to a well rounded confident adult. You must remember that puppies and adult dogs live in the moment and do not comprehend being corrected even seconds after the action takes place. Whether the behavior was good or bad, you must address it immediately. They need to be rewarded or corrected in the moment. You must be firm, fair, and consistent when training your pitbull puppy or adult.
John, thank you for your question. You can contact us at
www.selectbullies.com if you have any other questions or concerns.


Dwayne from Michigan writes-
You have some of the best looking blue pitbulls on the internet. Do you ever discount the price of your puppies?
Dwayne, thank you for the comment on our dogs. Select Bullies takes great pride in our dogs. We go to great lengths to make sure they are healthy and happy. Comments like this mean a lot to us.
The prices can be found on our website at
www.selectbullies.com/breedings.html. In general the price of our blue pitbull puppies range from $1000 to $3000. In our opinion this price is more than fair for the quality of blue pitbulls that we produce. However, we do over discounts for returning customers, law enforcement, fireman, military, and some other special circumstances.
If you have a unique situation that you feel we might be interested in hearing about, then please go to
www.selectbullies.com. Visit the contact us page and send us a email. We have discounted puppies numerous times in the past for clients. Select Bullies number one goal is finding these puppies loving homes and might be able to work with you on the price. It just depends on the circumstances, every situation is different.
One thing to remember is that these dogs are considered a “bully breed” and are expensive to raise. These are not your old school pitbulls. They require more veterinarian care and are prone to more of the problems that are associated with “bully breeds”. Make sure you are in the right financial place to provide for your puppy, before deciding to purchase.


Robert from Ohio writes-
How long should I keep my blue pitbull puppy on puppy food?
Robert, thank you for checking out Select Bullies and taking the time to email us your question. We receive numerous emails and try to answer them all. In our opinion this is one of the most important questions that we receive.
This is a very controversial topic that we have answered before on our blog, but one that we feel needs to be addressed again. This question will get many different answers if you ask veterinarians, breeders, trainers, and dog food representatives. We have heard everything from you feed puppy food until your dog reaches 3 years old to never ever feed puppy food.
www.selectbullies.com we have a lot of breeding experience and feel very strong on what we are about to say. A bully pitbull puppy should not be fed a puppy food past the age of 20 weeks, unless it has a medical reason requiring it. Adult food can be fed as early as 8 weeks, but 20 weeks is the absolute oldest that you should feed puppy food. This means no puppy food, large breed puppy food, or very high protein adult food. You should feed a good quality adult dog food. We do not care what you have been told in the past this is the only proper way to feed your bully puppy. If you were to purchase a blue pitbull puppy from Select Bullies this must be followed.
Puppy food, large breed puppy food, and very high protein adult foods will force your blue bully puppy to grow too fast. These dogs have huge bones that require time to develop properly. We want them to grow slow and allow their bones and joints the chance to develop. The extra protein, calcium, and phosphorus in these puppy foods will not allow this to happen. We have found that many developmental issues can be blamed on this.
Blue pitbull puppies should be fed an adult food that is at the max 26% protein. We like to feed adult foods that are between 24-26% protein and 15-20% fat. This will allow for proper growth and development.
Blue pitbull puppies purchased through Select Bullies will not be fully developed until they reach 3 years old. You must be patient, but they will be well worth it in the end. Please contact us if you have any other questions.


Warren from Tennessee writes-

Do you guys ever offer any kind of payment plans for your bully puppies?

Warren, We would like to thank you for your interest in Select Bullies. We believe that we have one of the most consistent breeding programs in the world. The consistent look that a Select Bullies pitbull has obtained has not happened by accident. My partner and I have been breeding and studying genetics for many years to accomplish this look. We have devoted much of our lives to creating what we consider the perfect bully pitbull.

At Select Bullies, we think that we price our bully pitbulls very fair and reasonable. We will guarantee that you will not find a better quality bully at any price. With that being said we do realize that the economy is in a recession and that money is tight with all of us. Select Bullies will try to discount a few bully puppies in every litter that we have. All of our pitbull puppies are sold on a first come first serve basis. We will never reserve a puppy without a deposit.

We do offer payment plans on our pitbull puppies.
The process is as follows:
1. Buyer must leave a deposit to reserve a puppy.
2. Buyers have until the puppy reaches 9 weeks old to get Select Bullies the remaining balance.
3. Select Bullies does not hold puppies for buyers past 9 weeks of age, unless prior
arrangements have been made.
4. A Select Bullies puppy must be paid for in full before it leaves our possession.

We do offer payment plans on our adult pitbulls.
The process is as follows:
1. Buyer must leave a deposit to reserve the dog.
2. Buyers have one month to get Select Bullies the remaining balance owed on the dog.
3. A Select Bullies adult dog must be paid for in full before it leaves our possession.

Warren, this is just a quick breakdown of the Select Bullies buying process. Do not hesitate to call or email if you have any other questions. Thank You

Photos of Bully Bllue Pit Bulls


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Blue Pitbulls Puppies For sale
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